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Berta - Living with Distinction; Mixing Fashion and Philanthropy by Sheryl Jensen, Managing Editor

Distinction Giving Back: Each Sale, Every Day Makes a Difference

Distinction, the new celebrity fashion boutique, is off to a running start in both fashion and philanthropy.

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Distinction: New Fashion Website Launch

With a fabulous focus on fashion and breast cancer awareness.

Duluth, MN PRWeb) November 29, 2006 -- The new fashion website, Distinction (www.shopdistinction.com), will officially launch on the internet on Friday, December 1, 2006. Distinction's innovative take on celebrity fashion and breast cancer awareness is unique among other internet fashion websites, in that it marries great clothes with a good cause.

"In the spring of 2004, my mother and best friend were both diagnosed with breast cancer and had their operations within hours of one another."
At Distinction, you can find the latest trends in what celebrities are wearing, and also learn about an important cause; the fight against breast cancer and lung disease. Fashion and breast cancer awareness is close to owner Berta Lippert's heart: "In the spring of 2004, my mother and best friend were both diagnosed with breast cancer and had their operations within hours of one another," said Lippert. "So I wanted to create a website that reflects two of my passions; great clothes and breast cancer awareness."

Lippert is a former consultant and speaker on Environmental Health and Safety, and is plunging into her first foray in the fashion retail business. While she found success in her former profession, she is now looking forward to her fashion career.

"Entering the fashion world was quite a leap from the highly regulated and technical industry I've been a part of the past 12 years, but I simply approached it with the same customer focus I had then. I wanted to create a site that was fun, easy to navigate, and full of great products that include well known celebrity fashions, and some lesser known treasures as well," said Lippert.

Besides being able to pick up great bags by Melie Bianco, beauty products by Miso Pretty, and the same cute jewelry that Eva Longoria wears, Distinction customers will be able to participate in Distinction's "Giving Back" campaign. Through this program, Lippert will donate a portion of all of her proceeds to organizations fighting against Breast Cancer and Lung Disease. Lippert has donated thousands of dollars towards the treatment and research for cancer with this same program before, and she hopes to surpass that success with Distinction.

Distinction supports the fight against breast cancer even in their products, and offers a variety of fashionable breast cancer awareness items, such as "I Care" and "Believe" tee's and baseball caps. Visitors to the website can also honor and remember individuals who have been affected by cancer through the "Giving Back" program. No donation or purchase is required to honor a loved one who has been impacted by breast cancer or lung disease, and their picture and a short bio will be listed on a tribute page on Distinction's website.

In all, Lippert hopes that her passion for fashion and the fight against cancer and lung disease will be realized by others who visit Distinction.

"I really want my customers to have a fun shopping experience with unmatched enthusiasm and customer service from Distinction," said Lippert. "In addition, they can feel good knowing that their purchase is contributing to the fight against breast cancer and lung disease. I'm committed to giving back and donate a portion of proceeds from ALL sales, ALL the time. Not just the "Think Pink" items, and not just in October. I want each sale, every day to make a difference. "

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